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    Charles wrote:
    lars wrote:
    SBC isn't the one trolling in this thread.

    Sorry SBC. I'm no Troll expert...


    No problem. Microsoft have got a hard task on their hands, especially because the competion seems to undercut the software in terms of price (thanks to no licence costs and lack of viruses). The products generally are getting a lot more secure and stable. I'm sure a lot more testing is being done on Longhorn than previous versions - plus, you seem to be opening up a lot more and asking for suggestions for product improvements.

    We will soon see if XP2 is as good as it should be - hopefully this time next year there will be less vulnerabilities and viruses causing problems.

    Linux based systems and Open Source are tough things to compete against. As anyone has access to the code, any company can support and extend it (not via API's like Windows, but access to everything) - for example AFAIK Novell supports RedHat Linux and SuSE, even though they don't make RedHat Linux. The point of Open Source is that you have the choice to have commercial support or not (you could hire someone to support it for you rather than outsourcing). The fact of the matter is - it is here to stay and is not going away as it has gained so much momentum.

    Even Microsoft can develop a Linux distribution and support it.