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    I would argue that a dissenting View should not be so quickly cast to Troll.

    Here inside Microsoft we hold ourselves very accountable when it comes to flaws in our software.

    Virus writers are in the business of exploiting flaws in code in an effort to do bad things to people. When they use our code as a vector to do these evil things, then it also hurts us. People who own the application with the flaw work with members of the security team around the clock isolating the hole, designing a solution, building the patch, testing the patch, fixing bugs that may be introduced from the new code, fixing those regressions, testing the fixes. This cycle continues until the patch is deemed ready for prime time and shipped to the world.
    We are working really, really hard to prevent flawed code from getting into our products. It's a monumental undertaking. We are also working very hard to make patching your systems easier and safer.

    Keep the feedback coming and do not be afraid to voice your opinion. Just remember to be respectful and intelligent. Following these two rules alone will allow for some very interesting and enlightening debates.

    Keep on posting,