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Microsoft names new CIO

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    Ron Markezich, who previously managed Microsoft's call centers, help desks and other areas, will report to former CIO Rick Devenuti, who heads Microsoft's Worldwide Services unit.

    Markezich will take over management for more than 300,000 connected devices among 55,000 employees. The company also maintains 7,000 servers and 1,800 business applications scattered between its Redmond, Wash., headquarters and seven data centers.

    Markezich said one of his first challenges will be to reduce the cost of running Microsoft's information technology infrastructure by $100 million over the next three years, in part by using the company's software to consolidate systems. "Our goal is to take our budget down every year, take money out of our maintenance side, to free up money to build new systems," he said.

    Microsoft has a long history of using its internal technology infrastructure as a test bed of sorts for new releases of its own products, such as the Windows operating system, the Exchange e-mail server and SQL Server database. "We're Microsoft's first and best customer," Markezich said.

    Not all internal systems are on Microsoft's software: The company's core enterprise resource planning system is from German software maker SAP, Markezich said.

    In the coming year, Markezich said Microsoft will begin using internally a new release of the company's Visual Basic tools, the "Yukon" release of SQL Server and Microsoft's Dynamic Systems Initiative to manage resources.

    The next major release of Windows, code-named Longhorn, is already being used within Microsoft, Markezich said. More than 3,000 client machines at Microsoft are running the new operating system. In the coming year, he said Microsoft will begin testing the server version of Longhorn internally as well.

    A major part of Markezich's job, in addition to running the company's vast computing infrastructure, will be to serve as a link between Microsoft and its customers by working with other chief information officers and technology managers. "About one-third of my time will be spent with customers; the rest working on our technology infrastructure," he said.

    Markezich joined Microsoft in 1998. He started with Microsoft as general manager of finance and administration IT, where he helped develop business systems for the company's finance and human resources organizations.

    Prior to joining Microsoft, Markezich spent nine years as a consultant at Accenture, the technology services company formerly known as Andersen Consulting.

    Devenuti, a 17-year Microsoft veteran, was appointed to run the company's services unit in addition to serving as CIO, following the departure of services chief Mike Sinneck last fall

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    Just a few days after the CIO Summit in Redmund!

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    It's nice to see any changes after Managing IT for Business Value email from Steve Ballmer (April 28, 2004).

    It's sad to see how Microsoft promote products to be used by customers - but not using them inside own corporation.
    A lot of internal or partner-only websites looks like from old '95 and using no new tech (or only cosmetic changes like a new lang recompilation).

    Looks like Microsoft was unable to find any value in new tech in their own environments.

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    Erm, our internal sites run almost exclusively on our own tech, and often the latest dogfood variants at that.  Offhand, the only exception I can think of is the financial stuff, which apparently runs on one of those uber SAP/Siebel/whatever platforms.  Was there some specific example you were thinking of?

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    I suppose it is cheaper for Microsoft to run it's own software (no license fees or CALs to pay). Or does Microsoft buy the software from itself - i.e. the games division buying Windows from the OS division?

    I bet there are installations of Linux, Mac OSX and other competing products being used (it would be ironic if some of Microsoft's Intranet Web Servers ran Apache/PHP/MySQL). Is Oracle or DB2 being used for database stuff (when SQL is not adequate) - after is SQL Server at the same level as Oracle?

    From the Microsoft blogs I see, some use Mozilla or Firefox (perhaps even Thunderbird?)

    Are their still people running Windows 95/98 within Microsoft? I wouldn't be surprised if that was true.

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    Can you point me to any Case Studies with new cool tech used inside Microsoft ??

    As for me - here is examples:  - using ASP and Excel file upload procedures instead of "cool and powerfull web-services". - the same ASP or ASP.NET with no changes in functionality for a years. Partialy due to bad support select betas create own reporting servers.

    Example of this is - almost functional clone of "central location to send and receive information for the Microsoft beta" from above.

    A little bit better - for ,, and

    Last one was changed not so long time ago - but changes was cosmetic.

    I can be missing something or I can have no access to new more powerfull sites. But I see nothing like webservices or anything cool/new that improve my expirience doing bussiness with Microsoft. You are using the same technology that I sow in '95 year then I've first accessed internet. I was accesing WWW using Agora www<->email gateway and there was 12-24 responce time for each my web-request.
    Currently I can put request on web-site but still have to wait same 12-24 hours for responce or sometimes up to 2 months to see results.

    I do not see any advices/shifts how to do my job better and faster as Steve describe in his email.
    I still need to track a lot of information in my local inventory and schedule.

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    Ahhh, I don't know anything about our partner-facing websites, sorry Sad

    In the area that I'm in, I can think of a couple of recent case studies that showcase our use of our own technology:

    "Exchange Server 2003 Site Consolidation"
    "Next Generation Headtrax"

    And while finding that Headtrax reference I stumbled across a page with a LOT of other Microsoft showcase papers - check it out! "Microsoft IT Showcase"

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