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    leighsword wrote:
    Stitch 2.0 wrote:
    leighsword wrote:
    Farshad wrote: My skills:

    Networking, Microsoft SQL 2000, ASP, IIS,  Graphic Designing
    Microsoft Windows server 2003, Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Advanced Server
    I'll become an MCSA soon

    you call that's the Skills?
    well, i have following skills:
    chinese reading skill,
    chinese writing skill,
    chinese speaking skill.

    What does that have to do with anything Farshad posted?

    His are technical skills. Yours are... I don't know what.

    leighsword, everytime you post something, in my impression, you try to make the stuff somebody said look bad. Is this neccessary?
    Like this post. Farshad posted his technical skills, meaning, what he has worked with and what he thinks he's good at. Why do you have to goof on that?

    i mean everyone can do what he thinks he's good at, i hope my words can urge him to learn more useful skills.

    this is getting *REALLY OLD*
    this person seems one time to almost be for real -- as in asks a good question.
    then kills it with some lame,dumb post that seems designed to instigate a flood of hatefull posts.
    please stop.