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Shady if true

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    But is it true?

    It appears that if you want to rise up in the rankings over at the MSN search engine you would do well to host your page on IIS. Ivor Hewitt has done a study and it appears that by using IIS, you are likely to increase your odds of a higher listing by several percent.

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    That IS shady. Google has been deflating the IIS number all this time. Shame on them!

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    MSN's index is much younger than Google's.
    IIS is much more popular now than it has been in the past.
    Ergo, IIS sites fare better in MSN's index than Google's.

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    [anti-MS zealot]
    Noes, that can't be! M$ was favored, so it must be teh ch34ting! Evil!
    [/anti-MS zealot]

    :rolleyes: (If that smiley doesn't exist, it should.)

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