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When can we expect an interview with the MSN Messenger guys?

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    C'mon Scoble... you said you would eventually Wink

    All I want to get out of it is the justification for "adverts in every window", "nudges", and why so many people have downloaded Messenger Plus... isn't that saying something about the (lack of) useful features in the original client software?

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    must be a 80072efd Smiley

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    Tyler Brown

    I personally have no use for all of the extra features that they have added into MSN Messenger. I don't use the inking capability as I dont have a tablet, nor the patience to draw out my sentences with a mouse. I don't use nudges (disabled sending/receiving them) as they are as annoying as those seizure inducing flash advertisements, and the winks look like it's a pre-school application.

    I personally would like to see a professional version of MSN. I'm on the Beta team for Microsoft Office Communicator, which looks very professional and what I'm after, but I haven't had a chance to test it out. When I do (soon, now that I just finished writting my last two exams), hopefully I'll be pleased with the feature set, or lack there of.

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    Seriously. What is up with winks?

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    W3bbo wrote:
    C'mon Scoble... you said you would eventually

    All I want to get out of it is the justification for "adverts in every window",

    Makes it profitable


    You've never had to get someone's attention when you needed some info badly?

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    I quite like the new version - and the ladies all dig the winks/nudges/delux display pictures etc...

    I stopped using Plus a while back, in fact when we got chat histories in version 6. only plus feaures which are really still missing is the ability to pop email accounts other than Hotmail (the new version of Plus has sound emoticons which are surely more annoying than winks and nudges as there's always the possiblity of NSFW audio being piped through your speakers).

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    Tyler Brown

    Bah, I can do without POP access from my IM client. I prefer my IM client to do just that, instant message. Let me send files, enable VoIP/Video contacts, and have a very good presence awareness feature. I'm downloading the Office Communicator as we speak. I'll see if I can get something up and running tonight.

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    I got MSN Messenger 7.0 just for the sake of not downloading the security update for 6.2. "Nudges" (Personal Earthquakes or PE for short) are a mixed opinion as they can be annoying or not. As by the adverts, it's spam and plain stupid. They say stuff about fake supporting for troops in Iraq etc. Messenger Plus is the stupidest piece of software for MSN Messenger ever made. Winks should never have been made in the first place, and why does MS have this? I want more info about why they added it.

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