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WinHEC - Can't watch?

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    The WinHEC gates thing on the front page is unwatchable.

    I tried yesterday and was given a graphic saying it
    would be on a noon for 25min's ... (at 7pm USA time)

    Today I receive a *live stream from CNN USA. Now also
    just hit 20min's. So how are people watching it.. And
    why am I seeing this rubbish?

    All I am doing is clicking the link like everyone else
    and trying to playback in WMP 10

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    No problem at all over here, I'm watching the highest bandwidth version (300k), and no glitches or rebuffering whatsoever...

    So, maybe it's a problem with your ISP?

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    Your suggesting that my ISP is inserting CNN USA live into the 300k stream?

    ....ya uh....

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    Keep trying. I lept getting error messages about an invalid thread from WIndows Media Player every time I clicked on the 300K link last night and then, after six attempts, suddenly it started working.

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    I'm downloading the video now,hopefully the download speed can get much faster...

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