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How stupid can you get? Hacker deletes own hard drive

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    This is really old... only new because SlashDot posted it. I knew about it before it was famous.

    The whole thing is fake anyway... there aren't any tools that tell you "OMFG! 35% of drive G: is deleted!"

    In fact... I don't know how any such script would be able to get past NTFS security in the first place.

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    It is possible to set up a TCP daemon that listens on the traditionally attacked ports, then replays any incoming connections to another preset IP address.  Something like a SOCKS proxy.

    I wouldn't put it past an IRC moderator to:
    Set up a TCP daemon on a host under his control
    Tell that host the IP of the hacker
    Give the hacker the IP of the host
    Have the host replay all hack-attempts against the hacker's machine

    The "25% of your E:" drive stuff just strikes me as added color - but a nice touch Smiley

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    W3bbo wrote:
    This is really old... only new because SlashDot posted it.

    /. has gone down hill the last couple of years. Now it seems like there is zero quality control.

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