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Newsgator Outlook Plugin

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    I am using Feeddemon 1.5 right now but just stumbled over the Outlook Plugin. Unfortunately there is no free trial period available...

    Since I use mutiple computers to read my news, it would be very helpful to have my feeds stored on a central server so I always know where I stopped reading.

    Does anybody use the plugin and is it worth its money? In addition, I couldn't find if the plugin opens a browser window in outlook as soon as I click on an interesting post or does it open an external one?

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    BG Phil T

    I'm not sure about the "central server" ability, but I use Newsgator inside Outlook and love it Smiley

    Clicking on the link opens it directly in Outloook.

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    Try IntraVnews (trial available) or RSSPopper (Free) or You:Subscribe (Currently Free)

    But personally, I would stick with FeedDemon, works with everything...include podcasts

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    Michael Griffiths

    Scoble uses Newsgator (or used to).

    Given his satisfaction with it, it's probably damn good.

    Oh, and it's far better than IntraVnews. Not that it's bad or anything, just less "professional".

    Or you could give RSS Bandit a twirl... if you could bear to be out of outlook Smiley

    Syncs feeds across multiple computers, yada yada yada.

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    On the subject of RSS feeds:

    How do you access and contribute to newsgroups through outlook?

    I know of one piece of software, but you have to pay for it, is there any freeware?

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    Outlook Express can handle newsgroup but Outlook doesn't. But there are tons of free programs out there. Just check or google for it.

    In addition, there are various Plugins for Outlook available!

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    I use NewsGator and it works great with Outlook and being able to access feeds from different computers.

    In my case I have a laptop with Outlook and NewsGator, and use it for retreiving and reading feeds.

    On another computer I use Outlook Web Access to read mail and feeds.

    I travel by train to work, so from time to time I also read feeds on my Phone/PDA, that syncronize with the server every 15 minutes.

    Experience? Works great for me. Of course i need to conifgure Outlook to sync all the feed folders with the server, and the same on my PDA. Once done I am always in sync on what feeds I have read.


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