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Win32 and Longhorn

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    So I recall Beer asking about Win32 APIs for Longhorn a while ago, and then today I saw this on Paul Thurrots site.  Am I getting mixed up or is this exactly what Beer was told wouldn't happen?

    Paul T wrote:

    Some Longhorn features will be back-ported to Win32 (and not be made available only through WinFX), which was unexpected. Very little was said about this, however.

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    I think he was watching a different keynote to the rest of us. Smiley

    Bill did mention that 64-bit versions of all the Win32 functions were available in XP x64, perhaps that is what he was thinking of?

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    I think what's being discussed there is the accessibility of some WinFx functions (which is Managed code) from unmanaged code. Probably in the form of unmanaged DLLs that does an interop (backward from what we're used to think of interop)

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    Unless they were talking about milcore.dll, the unmanaged library that contains the underlying performance critical code for Avalon.  It looks as though parts of Windows, such as the shell will be built on milcore, but it will not be documented for application developers.  Third parties are expected to access this functionlity via the managed high level wrappers.

    "MILCORE.DLL is the unmanaged composition engine that Avalon uses for rendering. It  is a layer above Direct3D, giving us basic 2D, 3D, Animation, and Composition services  (probably a few others i'm forgetting to mention also). The composition engine is  unmanaged primarily for interop/performance reasons. The composition engine spends  most of it's time talking to Direct3D. In addition, there are multiple customers of  the composition engine, including some that can't take a managed code dependency right  now."

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