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questions about Longhorn build

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    I watched the stream of WinHEC and I have some questions...

    Whatever happened to the breadcrumb bar idea, where you would sort by one filter then narrow it by another. Right now it seems to have a very messy and contrived interface where you first have to establish virtual folders, then stacks in virtual folders, and then can make lists from them.

    Is the font we see in this build one of the new fonts from Microsoft Typography.

    There are several modifications to the interface in this build; why is Microsoft doing this if they have to separately write the GUI for Avalon for the Aero interface; or are all of these just prototypes made to show the public the ideas theyre working on, or prototypes worked on before Avalon was complete.

    Does Microsoft have a time yet when they've decided they'll make public the Aero interface.

    Are the icons in this build the same style as are being incorporated in Aero based builds.

    Will Microsoft work to make sure that the interface is completely consistent, replacing old icons and dialog boxes from earlier versions of Windows.

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    I think the breadcrumb bar came as part of WinFS.
    You could construct queries on the fly using traditional Win32 paths. This version seems very much like MSN desktop search was grafted on top of the windows shell as a WinFS replacement.

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    Eddwo: yep, you're correct. That functionality was part of WinFS.

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    scobelizer,  so i take it that its not something that longhorn can emulate without winfs? when winfs is released do you expect that there will be an updated explorer with the breadcrumb bar

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    The breadcumb bar is in 5048, its present in any screenies (before MS cracked down on them Tongue Out)

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