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MSN Desktop Search

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    Call me a software addict, but WHEN ARE WE GONNA GET OUR REFRESH OF THE MSN DESKTOP SEARCH ENGINE.  C'mon guys give us a hint?  Also, how much of what we saw in the Gates keynote, the search stuff that is, is going to make its way into the MSN Desktop Search suite?  Are you going to implement anything like Smart Folders in there?  But cmon guys get those bits out to us.

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    Michael Griffiths


    I have been quite vocal about their "communication" skills....

    No, I would not rather have you coding than blogging, thanks.

    ... ah, well.

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    Michael Griffiths

    I imagine they've been working on a fair bit, and not some mere enhancements.


    It's been months now, and not a word. Apart from an unfulfilled promise by the PM of Desktop Search on their blog, nothing.

    It's difficult to sustain enthusiam when you see competing products getting far, far, far better - and the one you're using, nothing.

    Oh, so when's the new MSN Toolbar Suite coming out?

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    El Bruno

    Jeje ... Smart Folders ... not for now I guess
    If you want to see a new idea, check , I think it's in beta .. but Big Smile !!


    El Bruno

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