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Hello, MS-TCP

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    "To fully implement the TCP/IP protocol in Windows XP would make denial of service attacks a walk in the park," Microsoft said.

    How long until MSFT rolls out a "secure replacement" for TCP/IP?

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    If Windows support Mac OS's style of processes asking

    for admin access they could have left it alone. This

    is just their user-model (and default admin) coming

    to bit them in the *.

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    If i remember reading correctly Longhorn should have a vastly improved TCP/IP stack which is fully IPv6 compliant and ready. I even think i read somewhere that IPv6 would be the default protocol in Longhorn. I can't state this with absolute certainty though so take it with a grain of salt.

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    "Microsoft Corp. yesterday bad-mouthed its own work on networking and hardware support in Windows XP in order to sell hardware makers on new technologies it has planned for Longhorn, the next version of Windows, due late next year."

    Computerworld: Microsoft slams XP in call for Longhorn support

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