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    I saw this on an article from MacCentral about OS X Server 10.4:

    "Also new in this release is Weblog Server, which simplifies the publication of Weblogs. It provides users with the ability to publish and syndicate their Web content using existing Web browsers, including Apple’s own Safari software. Features include calendar-based navigation, user and group blogs and HTML, RSS, RSS2, RDF, and ATOM protocols, as well as “Apple-designed blog themes.” Weblog Server can also integrate with Open Directory, LDAP and access control lists for authentication."

    The option makes sense in a server environment as opposed to a desktop environment because a lot of servers are web servers. Honestly though, I don't see MS ever integrating this into Windows Server 2003 R2 or Longhorn Server because it doesn't seem to be a "serious" feature and a lot of companies are wary about blogging.

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    thanks -interesting!

    You think ms would want this - as it puts the power on the pc - not the internet

    im just tired of so many asp blogs - yet none of them cool like ms would do them

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    jamie wrote:
    as it puts the power on the pc

    Was that a pun? Wink

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