Many will certainly be sympathetic to your point of view on this, as its been a long running issue with usenet newsgroups of course, and sites such as The Vault and another whose name I'm too polite to even give you here, f**** 

I guess in the States we've become inured to this sort of behavior, so we don't think of it as being "like a hell" for anyone. 

The nice thing about newsgroup readers and many sophisticated forum sites, is that they have built-in tools to allow the users to filter what they see; ignore threads, ignore users, even filter language (like the obsfuscated web address above).  

That may be what Channel 2 needs, but frankly I hope it becomes even more popular regardless of that, because IMHO Japanese society can use the sort of openness that Channel 2 inspires. 

BTW, I was dismayed to hear of the arrest of the author of the file-sharing app Winny, and wish I could read what Channel 2 users think about this.