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    Okay, let me comment on this. I am Japanese.

    First, I admit as a sysadmin I do not like "2 Channel".

    Sometimes there are good (and excellent) things, I admit, for example, localizing ".Text" or some other developer-related topics, but for the most part there are garbages... like handwritings in a bathroom of park or station.
     As people can keep their status as being anonymous and do not have to take responsibility there are comments rude, inconvenient, and bogus. Just like a garbage, you know...

    When someone is attacked it is like a hell to that person, as there will always be rude people and also people who do not see reality and express comments with no reality. With no need to have responsibility for each of the comments This kind of BBS can easily become a hall of shame. I am not saying that all of them are so but there are too few of good items found there, at least for me.