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More options for software service packs

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    Every day, software users are downloading and installing service packs for the softwares they are using. To me, I think service packs can be divided into two categories: Security Packs and Functional (new features, bug fixing and etc.) Packs.

    I wish software vendors can give users more options when installing a service pack. I want to select installing security updates, functional packs or maybe both.

    Is it a good idea?


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    why do ya prefer security updates to so called functional updates,or vice versa?

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    Tyler Brown

    I think that it would be nice to have security packs, feature packs, etc. The only time that Microsoft hasn't recently allowed this (this is just my brain working at such a late hour mind you) was with SP2. Security updates and feature updates were included in one package.

    I can't really see this happening though, and if it did, we wouldn't see that many feature packs, unless Microsoft created a team of developers to just pump those out every few months.

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    Security patches and software feature updates should definately be different things. Microsoft are one of the few companies that seem to realise this, at least most of the time.

    There is absolutely nothing worse than software like Firefox or Eudora that insist on you replacing everything to get a small security fix. It delays the release of updates in a corporate environment as much more testing/training has to be undertaken. It's particularly bad when minor updates seem to rearrange the UI for no readily apparent reason.

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