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An interesting way to maybe make some money on the side.

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    I was scanning through a forum yesterday and found a link to a new search engine called Netbux. Basically its a legitimate and very clever network marketing scheme.

    It's actually a genuinly decent search engine, because it has all the major ones (like Google, AltaVitsa, etc..) on the one site, so you are actually using google or whichever to do the search, so it does save time, but if you register they pay you and others to use it. If your gonna search for something and you can get some cash out of it, you may as well.

    Even if you dont want to do it, if you just find 2 of your friends who'll take it on, that $50 US extra a month for virtually doing nothing.

    Most of you will throw this idea away, but for those of you with an entpeneurial spirit like myself, who can see through the opinions of the others who cant be bothered, to what this project is really asking, you'll see like me that this is a just a little work at the start for a 240 US$ a month bonus for a long long time. More than justifiable payoff in my own personal opinion.

    I get asked a lot "Why is this not a pyramid scheme?". It is because what your earn is proportional to how hard you work. Most people here would have heard of AMWAY. Thats very legal because anyone on any chain can make an amount of cash proportional to how hard they work. If you introduce one person and he introduces 50, he'll make a lot more than you. I know a guy who took up AMWAY at the age of 19 and now earns 40K a year after only two years. Thatll last his lifeitme whether he continues it or not. This is a smaller, easier version.

    Now I know these NM branches are common but this one is actually pretty new (less than a 21 days old) and if you get in early it could be pretty profitable. Atleast worth a look ey?

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    Test_Eagles wrote:
    Basically its a legitimate and very clever network marketing scheme.

    Unlike your post. Could someone delete this thread and ban the user please?

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    The Simpsons wrote:
    First, let me assure you that this is not one of those shady pyramid schemes you've been hearing about.  No, sir.  Our model is the trapezoid!

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