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No excuse to still use Palms..

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    Saw this on OSNews, and I can't help think that StyleTap might make a bit of a dint in the Palm market (assuming people get to hear about it, and it works). What does it do? Runs Palm apps on PocketPC.

    Maybe Microsoft should ship it with new PocketPCs Wink

    My next PDA might even be Windows based*

    * Barring an epiphany from Mr Jobs..

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    Do they run at the same speed as on PalmOS?

    PalmOS, or a cheap alternative (Linux based perhaps) will always have a market. Windows Mobile based PDA's/SmartPhones may have more features, but they are more expensive. Someone will always want something cheaper (because they can't afford it, or don't need the additional features).

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    I like my Treo. I didn't like my iPaq -- I actually gave it away after a while.

    The emulator is interesting, though.

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