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XBox 360 and Visual Studio 2005

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    Will you be able to make games for the XBox 360 with the Visual Studio 2005? I can see that this would be beneficial as Visual Studio Express products will be cheap, and give people a chance to write their own game.

    There is also the potential that you can write a game and it will work on both a PC and an XBox 360. Would be good if you could buy a game and choose whether to run it on a PC or an XBox 360. Would benefit both the game manufacturer and the user. Less coding for the programmer, and a bigger market to target - as no one would really buy the same game twice for both machines.

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    Don't all games that the XBox runs need signing by microsoft?

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    This is sort of what I was suggesting here with a community version of XNA Studio

    I agree entirely with you (but that's unsurprising since you seem to agree with me! Big Smile )

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