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View Thread: HoTMaiL vs GMail - bring it on!
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    sbc wrote:

    The privacy violation could occur with Hotmail as well - I am sure cookie tracking is used to some extent. They would only get information from you if you actually clicked the ads.

    As I said before, if you wish to keep your email private don't use web based email like Google / Hotmail / Yahoo etc. For that you should be using your companies email anyway (or even host you own email server).

    I sure would love to read a story or hear from someone first hand that their privacy was violated by Hotmail.

    I personally am so used to the Hotmail interface that I don't even pay attention to the banner ads.

    I am not saying that GMAIL is bad for Microsoft because I am a MS developer. I think competition is great, it can only make Hotmail better. I just have a problem with the privacy issues.

    ~ Knute