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Video Request: Longhorn Communications User Experience

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    Tyler Brown

    It's been a while since we've last heard anything from the Communications User Experience team for Longhorn. The last time any information was presented was from WinHEC 2004 I believe, with this PowerPoint slide show from a Communications In Longhorn information session. I was able to find a Channel 9 interview from May 2004 with Samuel Druker where he discussed how Outlook Express will store it's email messages in a WinFS store, allowing other applications to make use of the email as opposed to having it stored in a seperately encoded file.

    After doing a little bit of searching on the Microsoft website, as well as probing around with Google, I came accross the Longhorn Communications User Experience Blog, which contains a single entry from July 2004. On that blog, a link is provided to the Channel 9 Wiki's Longhorn Communication Section which references an non-existing article on the Overview of the Contacts Platform. Any information regarding this subject has been pulled from the WinFX SDK Documentation on MSDN.

    Now I do realize that WinFS was at the core of the Communications User Experience in Longhorn, however there must be some progress being made even without the use of WinFS. Is there any way that an interview could be done by Channel 9 on this topic, or atleast have some of the team members blog about whats new in this area? I'm particularly interested in this topic, especially recently now that I've been thinking about designing an application that uses Indigo to relay caller ID information to various PC's in my home, and then use Avalon to present the content in a descrete, yet rich way. I would really like to know how Longhorn is going to improve communications in different scenarios.

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    Tyler Brown

    Well I'm assuming that the silence means that either this request has drifted off into oblivion, or that it was a no. If nothing can be said on Microsoft's part, perhaps Scoble you can update us on how the video technology is coming along? I believe you had said that you ordered a new microphone so that the audio will be coming through much better. Can you update us on this?

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