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    Beer28 wrote:

    I sincerely hope that Bill Gates or Microsoft or whatever stamps out ALL piracy everywhere.

    It's not going to happen though, is it?

    What REALLY hacks me off is that whenever a company introduces anti-piracy measures it's the legitimate purchasers who get penalised, while those using pirate copies just happily go and download hacked versions from Warez.

    I have two laptops (one running beta software, one running current software - intended for use on customer sites) and two PCs at home - one a hi-res graphics PC, the other a "typical user PC", but I can only have software like Macromedia installed on one PC without having to pay a fortune for multiple copies, which I'm not going to do since I'm one person only able to use one copy at a time.
    Then there's the whole DVD mess. The production costs are way less than that of VHS, the royalties paid out are less etc etc and yet we're paying a LOT more for legal copies. And what do we get for paying out all that cash? Every single disc in a multi-disk collection in the UK typically has a long tedious "Stop piracy" trailer at the start that can't be skipped via any menu buttons, chapter indexe leaflets and booklets that used to be the norm (there's a reason why there are those two prongs in a DVD case!) are being cut out, and decent extra's are deliberately held back for a second version of the DVD released months after the first.