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Visual Studio Express VB Edition and Avalon CTP

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    Does anyone know if the Express Edition works with the Avalon CTP.

    I've installed both and I don't see the the avalon project available within express,

    I've ordered the DVD for VS 2005 as I just can't afford an MSDN sub at the moment, if MS make VS2005 avaiable to order on DVD why not allow you to download, confused.                           

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    Tyler Brown

    The currently advertised version of the Visual Studio Express SKU's (Beta 2) are not compatible with the currently available build of the Avalon and Indigo CTP's. In order to use Visual Studio Express with the current Avalon and Indigo CTP's, you need to download the February 2005 Visual Studio Express CTP's.

    With that being said, it's been announced that the next CTP drop for Avalon and Indigo has been scheduled for a May 42nd release date. This new release will be compatible with Beta 2 of the Visual Studio Express SKU's.

    I believe the reason that you can order Visual Studio on DVD's but you cannot download it is because this is an enterprise level software package which will be fairly expensive when it is released. It also comes with a GoLive license allowing you to build and deploy applications with this Beta build. Allowing orders of DVD's only will permit Microsoft to regulate the number of users who can obtain a copy of Visual Studio Beta 2. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive Wink

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    Thanks for the reply. I'm downloading the Feb 2005 VS Express CTP, as I type.

    Is that May 2 or 4th? Wink

    Fair enough, but surely it could still regulate the number of downloads via the web.....

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    Tyler Brown

    Perhaps it was a simple typing error and they meant May 24, which would be a nice gift for such a party weekend. Although I can't guarantee my sobriety when working with the new bits if they come out that weekend!

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