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View Thread: Reading local files -- Win API's Vs Framework
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    Thank you for the feedback. I'd appreciate it as well if anyone else has anything else, even reiterations of previous posters.

    I know that the dll method isn't the greatest. I'd like to do in line with OOP style but I'm not really sure what the preferred OOP way would be. I'll look into the System.Configuration to see if that will solve our problem.

    I'm also afraid that the use of API for a local read may be a sign that the senior devoloper has used API in other places that framework may have already covered.

    If I may have some leeway I'd like to extend the question a little bit to include this:

    Upon further discussion it is not intended for every connection to call the ReadFile function when it's created. I was kinda afraid of this (are loacal file reads for every connection object neccessarily bad?). Instead they will have a top level Module (not class or form) firing off the overall program. The module will read the local file (through whatever method is decided upon) and fill a global variable that will be used by all forms called subsequently.

    Thoughts on this?

    I'm not thrilled with it as it seems to go against OOP standards and practices. Then again I'm still new at this so I could be completely wrong.

    Again Thanks for the time spent informing this new programmer.