well any of several of the folks who used to work for TechTV, Leo,Pat,Kevin,Sarah,Yoshi,Cat and the rest.

why them: they are good communicators, love to experiment, are very passionate about tech, work with all the current hardware and software, will give good feedback.

NDA wise that is a touchy one... on the one hand I do see a need to "Keep a lid on" some things for many reasons.... but I also think that MSFT needs to have a clear road-map for the interested folks to keep informed with.

also Carl Frankin -- he is sharp and keeps in touch with a lot of developers.

in the self promotion dept. Me ME ME!!!

I am not a blogger but I do have some *VERY* strong Ideas of what I think is right or wrong....
I'd love th have a chance to kill some bad ideas before they get out and perhaps spark some good ideas.