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Nominations open for Team 99 -- Longhorn Superuser and Superdeveloper blogger group

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    Of course he's probably signed tons of NDAs. Which may be why he's not writing much (blog-wise, at least) these days.

    Also, I vote "yes" for Paul Thurrott. He knows enough technically, and articulates the information he has very well, so you can make up your own mind. That spells t-r-u-s-t in my book.

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    Jamie, Mike Dimmick and me.
    Remove the requirement to only allow bloggers.

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    Having already nominated others, I'll also jump in and volunteer (or self-nominate, whatever you want to call it).

    I work for a Microsoft partner in a key area, I make the technology and security decisions at my company and manage the security department there - all activity taking place in the real world; I manage a software product development team that programs in .NET and runs on Windows Server; I have a vested interest in helping to ensure Longhorn meets the needs of end users, programmers, IT pros, and security personnel.

    And I'm genuinely interested and curious. Smiley

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    I have to agree with the crowd, and say Jamie deserves it.

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    Sven Groot

    Jamie's would be an interesting perspective to have, most certainly. From a purely selfish point of view he would not be much use, though, as his opinions are often opposit of mine.

    I must admit I'm a bit confused about the purpose of this group. What value would they add over a publicly available beta?

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    Sven Groot wrote:

    I must admit I'm a bit confused about the purpose of this group. What value would they add over a publicly available beta?

    That would be up to the organizers and the Windows Client team.

    Having participated in the Search Champs program, I can tell you that there is a lot of value in this kind of endeavor.  The key factors in the success of this program will be:

    1) No holding back.  From either the Windows team presenters, or the guests.

    2) Listening.  Again, this is important for both sides of the discussion.

    Most important, though, is the follow-through.  This kind of program must start early in the development cycle, so that the ideas that come from these discussions can be implemented.  Given the current Longhorn timeline, this should start moving forward soon

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    W3bbo wrote:
    Cider wrote: -  Jamie of Channel9 (yay!)


    If we do that, then IE7 will have "proper" fullscreen!

    We cannot let our conspiracy plans fail! We failed on the electric car, we canno fail on fullscreen!

    FAT32 4eva!!! Tongue Out

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    I would nominate the following.

    Paul Thurrott
             Andre Da Costa
    James Proud           This guy too
    Tom Warren

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    Sven Groot

    Beer28 wrote:
    Sven, it's obvious that there won't be another "build x" release to developers before the OS release. The people that sign these NDA's will get to see Longhorn in the final stages before release. The final UI, the final this, or that.

    I doubt that. Microsoft has already announced a beta 1 and a PDC build. What use would such announcements be if not to release those builds.

    I have been part of the technical beta program of Windows 2000, XP, XPSP1, XPSP2, 2003 SP1 and now R2. In all these cases several important milestones were released publicly. There is no reason for me to conclude that a similar program won't exist for Longhorn. Heck, if MS wants to make true on their promises of openness, I would expect more broadly available milestones than on previous betas. Maybe I will be proven wrong, but I hope I won't be. It wouldn't make sense, because MS needs the 100,000+ free testers it gets from those programs to get the diversity in their testing ecosystem they need. There's no way they can test all those configurations with the internal testing program.

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    I'd like to nominate WNewquay, a Tablet PC MVP. He runs a great Tablet PC blog and is one of the most prolific posters on . He is extremely knowledgable and is a research nut. He has a very strong and positive reputation on - the largest online community for Tablet PC users. As far as representing the Tablet PC aspect of Longhorn, I can't think of a better person to serve on that team.

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    Aviv Raff

    I would like to nominate Eli Arbel, a great Israeli developer, who won 3rd place at Microsot's “Does Your Code Think In Ink?contest.

    He has a very nice blog, and a lot of passion for exploring Microsoft platforms, especially Longhorn.

    He is very ambitious and I know he wouldn't miss an opportunity like this.

    -- Aviv.

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    I nomitate the public Longhorn Product Feedback Center to be the messenger of Superuser/Superdevelopers opinions. Given the "technical nature" that some claim the PFC interface has, that would be the natural way for these user groups to give feedback.

    I'd have nominated Donald Trump, John Siracusa and doctor Zoidberg but I have not found their blogs yet if they have one.

    PFC has a blog at so its valid and the PFC is certainly has passionate and authoritative users.

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    I'd like to nominate Alan Cooper... he's an original thinker, has no problem speaking out, and he has insight in what Longhorn needs the most: goal-directed interaction design.

    In fact, I believe Microsoft should hire Cooper Interaction Design to help design a whole new set of "common controls" and UI guildelines that redefine the way users interact with PCs.

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    I'd like to nominate someone who you might not expect to Team 99- Dennis Kennedy. Dennis is one of the premier legal technology bloggers in the industry, and has a good sense of what technologies will be impactful for real world users. Also, Dennis is a great guy and really "gets" what community is all about. He'll actually make a substantive contribution, not just look out for himself and be out for personal gain.

    Dennis is a great writer and communicator, a prolific blogger, and is a leading subject matter expert in his industry on technology solutions for lawyers and legal workers. I can't think of a better person to add some diversity to Team 99.

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    Two guys I met at WinHEC would do a great job; Steven Bink and Ryan Hoffman. Most of the people in the Pressroom talked very little about computing (except to say were is the Tech guy?).

    Steven, Ryan and I had some great talks as we learned at WinHEC and we will continue to learn more as Longhorn takes form.

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    right so we have to nominate people who are going to get the build no matter what?  If you think people like tom warren and bink aren't going to get the build whether there is a team99 or not then you're seriously doped up. And why does it seem we can only nominate people from the so called "press".

    Yes i can see why these peoplewill be nominated first,well lets see.  Who gets yahoo 360, wallop, gmail invites first, those that have major blogs and are going to hype it up.  So what if Team 99 started with alun smith who has a blog on that was first used so that his family in alaska could keep track of what he's doing in singapore?

    I agree with a few of the posts here, instead of giving positions in team99 to people who will get all this anyway reguardless of NDA's, give the positions to people like sven and Beer (even if he won't sign an NDA).

    I fear this post will go unoticed by scoble and all, i fear that paul thurrot, tom warren and bink will get these team99 positions and this team 99 will be a wasted effort.

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    Andre Da Costa

    I nominate:
    Leo Laporte -
    Chris Pirillo -

    I almost forgot:
    Michael Jackson:

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    As egotistical as it might be, I'd like to nominate myself. I'm currently studying Electrical Engineer and Computer Science, I've used computers since I was four. I have a blog (thus meeting Scoble's criteria) on a server that I run from my house. I currently fit in the superuser category as I push windows XP really hard (as a side note, I usually have to reformat about every 6 months or so because I really screw something up). All my buddies (and parents and relatives) always call me first whenever they need help and many profess that I know too much.

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