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Nominations open for Team 99 -- Longhorn Superuser and Superdeveloper blogger group

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    Aahh... I recognize a viral marketing campaign when I see one. Smiley  NDA <wink> <wink> Actually, I want to nominate ... nay ... force Tom Miller, in charge of Managed DirectX to attend.

    PS. I'd actually like veto power. I'd veto anyone who nominated themselves. Smiley

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    I think it would be nice to include some people from other countries in the group as well. I suspect that Australians for instance have a different perspective on a lot of this, and I don't think our continent has been included in things like search champs.

    I also think the person should be someone active in the open source community in Australia -- really you're trying to convince people not to use open source alternatives, so you need to see if that line works with a small group before trying with a larger group.

    Entirely by coincidence I meet those requirements, but I suspect I'm not well known enough outside of Australia to be a good choice. Decide for yourself -- you can find me at

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    This is easy...

    FoO of

    His eye for design is like no other.  He's honest, blogs often, and is well respected in our community.

    - Microsoft calls FoO []
    - Yahoo emails FoO []

    And if there's room for a usability guy with lots of ideas, I'd love to take part as well. 

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    scobleizer wrote:
    I want some developers there. Some "super users" like we were talking about last night.

    ... They'll tell us where we're screwing up, what we're doing well...

    ...would tell you the truth about what Longhorn is all about.

    I nominate myself.

    I am a blogger, I try to hold truth as the most important factor in all our online conversations, and I have made almost all of my professional development career on Microsoft platforms.

    I am a web developer but also a user.  I was a freelance contractor, consultant and developer for over 3 years and have seen the pain points for 100-employee business who refuse to upgrade to Windows XP, I have seen medical companies that don't want to upgrade to Office XP.  I ran Windows XP on my main systems at home from Windows Beta 1 on up and the first thing I did during the week of the PDC was get Yukon Beta 1 (PDC build) running on Longhorn, for the same reason that people climb Mount Everest.

    I am currently working as a developer in the content and media arena, dealing with both desktops and mobile devices. 

    Because I consider myself a Microsoft-based developer, I feel that the future of Microsoft's success is extremely important to my own future.  Helping steer that course early is one of the few things I can really do to help.

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    I'd recommend somebody from Anandtech or Ars Technica. They both are definitely for more of the super user but I think they're more willing to give Windows a fair shake than some other sites. For example, in Ars' recent Mac OS X review, it's clear the author is a fan of the operating system and knows it inside and out but he still gives them crap for what they've done wrong, and deservedly so.

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    Andre Da Costa

    Thanks for nominating me Mhi. Smiley

    I nominate Mhi.

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    Michael Griffiths

    randyholloway wrote:

    I'd like to nominate someone who you might not expect to Team 99- Dennis Kennedy. Dennis is one of the premier legal technology bloggers in the industry, and has a good sense of what technologies will be impactful for real world users. Also, Dennis is a great guy and really "gets" what community is all about. He'll actually make a substantive contribution, not just look out for himself and be out for personal gain.

    Dennis is a great writer and communicator, a prolific blogger, and is a leading subject matter expert in his industry on technology solutions for lawyers and legal workers. I can't think of a better person to add some diversity to Team 99.

    I'll second that... to an extent.

    I think Deenis could be very useful, as long as he's "managed" correctly. He'd have a unique perspective, and a less technical one - something that I think is critical in this sense.

    I don't think that technical people are those who should be involved in this. While I'm sure developers would be useful, Microsoft has all it really needs - its employees. Rather, I think this should be from a "useability" standpoint. To some extent, that will involve developers, but certainly not exclusively, or even significantly. A dedicated team of opinionated, hypersensitive, pushy bloggers would be best.

    On the other hand, people off the street is also not what you'd want. "Experts" in the field - or as close as you can get. People who use as much of thier computer as they can - not people who use it only for word processing, or internet surfing, or email. People who dig inside the system to discover iys features - and weaknesses. People who easily pick up the latest feature, use it to its greatest extent, and scream in frustration at its limitations. People who, when seeing an obstacle, regulation, or rule don't just accept it, but scream "Why does this %#$@&# thing exist?", and try and hack around it.

    I don't know how easy it is to locate people that like, and I'm not sure "nominating" people is the best way. On the other hand, it's democratic - and comes with all the (dis)advantages of it. At the very least, anyone who says Microsoft was "arbitrary" in choosing who got this privlige will be contemptuously wrong.

    I think Dennis would be a good choice, however, although I don't know how well he fits those requirements. Still, he's bright, and has an interesting perspective. But I think bloggers who routinely post hacks, tips, tricks, workarounds to Windows are the ones who should be attending. Regretfully, I don't read the blogs of anyone who does that.

    Oh, and I think jamie would be good because he is so critical of Microsoft's design sense.

    Minh wrote:
    PS. I'd actually like veto power. I'd veto anyone who nominated themselves.

    So would I. Smiley

    At the very least, anyone who nominates themself is far less desireable than someone nominated. It's not only basic curtousy (i.e. actually doing what Robert asked), it's ignoring a basic fact: to be nominated, you have to impress someone else. Which is far less difficult than impressing yourself.

    Besides, it just bugs me.

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    I would love to be involved (I am a developer, and have been patching, and coding sidebar tiles for a year now)...  If not part of the team then even on the periphery..  I seem to somehow have gotten myself addicted to longhorn a year ago, and haven't been able to kick the habit.  (want proof check out my current blog skin).  Anything I can do just say the word.

    Dan <= Self(ish) nominated

    But in a not so selfish mode, my upstream contact has been Robert McLaws of  there hasn't been much 5048 activity there, but I would have to recommend him as a "community leader"...

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    The bugger? Stop nominating yourselves, guys. That's totally not cool; its supposed to be people we know and trust, and its hard to trust someone who nominates themself.

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    not sure he'd do it - but id nominate Ben Slivka ( of course )

    Ben worked on DOS 6.2 -memmaker (stacker oops ha) j++ (write once oops ha) and ie 2/3/4 (hmm)

    He was a pre-eminant "ms communist" (according to gates)

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    In deciding who I'd like to nominate, I've decided to look locally at the Australian Developer blogosphere.

    I think in the superdeveloper/superuser/super blogger category I'd like to nominate Mitch Denny. He's the organiser of the recent CodeCampOZ and blogs (a lot!).

    Mitch is also a code contributer to many .NET open source projects. A very active member of the local developer community (I think was one of the original co-founders of my local .NET User Group).

    There's others who deserve to be nominated, but I'll nominate just one for now.

    There's a lot of people who deserve to be on the team though, so it's never easy to choose.

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    scobleizer wrote:

    Some factors? Are they trusted by the community? Are they visible? Do you think they'd give good feedback on your behalf to Microsoft? Some requirements I have? All members must be bloggers.

    I don't have a formal process in my head yet, so I'm looking for help on how to pick a great group of people who'll properly represent the community.

    Now's your chance to make sure there's good diversity on such group, for instance, instead of just fat white guys like me.

    Another requirement? Must be passionate and authoritative about computers.

    Well, let's see, Thurrot has no credibility outside of the win fandom circles, so anything he says is going to be ignored by a huge number of people, and I can't see him being honestly or usefully critical of MS.

    What I don't see is anyone in the IT field. you know, the people that have to support this, and figure out how to integrate it with millions of setups that MS cannot predict. Who will have to make it work with stuff that MS doesn't want to think about. 

    Someone who will be the voice saying, "Um, yeah, so what about when you have to hook it up to a Linux box, or a Sun box, or an SGI box or a Mac OS X box?"

    We support this. We make buying decisions too. We're also damned tired of being ignored for BallmerAllchingGates fantasies of Windows-only worlds. That's not realistic and we have to live in the real world. 

    So, yeah, I'll piss some people off here, (But that's what IT does *anyway*) and nominate myself. Seriously. I'll send you a resume if you want, I know what I'm doing far more often than not, and I hate all computers equally...(okay, I LOVE AS/400s. They almost dont't suck. But other than that, they all suck, even Macs. The fact that we know what our OS even IS shows how miserable a failure they are.)

    Besides, what I DO care about is not having to want to drink myself into a coma to deal with the work i'll have to do to make OS X automounts work with Active Directory, or making Active Directory part of a cross-realm authentication scheme. I DO care about the "secure" settings in IE not forcing me to punch holes in the popup setup so that I can use OWA. I DO care about one day being able to have one set of managment tools for all my windows, linux, and mac boxes. I care DEEPLY about integration being more than crap thrown up by billionaires in Cupertino and Redmond during keynotes.

    Because the better that stuff works, the more time I have at home with my son.

    Which is something I care more about than anything.

    So, if you think the Longhorn team's self - esteem is up for it, I'm in. But I don't drink koolaid, not from Cupertino and not from Redmond, and I don't see the need to put up with crap just because "that's the way we've always done it."


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    geekling wrote:
    The bugger? Stop nominating yourselves, guys. That's totally not cool; its supposed to be people we know and trust, and its hard to trust someone who nominates themself.
    Totally agree. Anyone who nominates themself should be disqualified.

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    does "20 people fit inside a boardroom" mean the person has to be from seattle?

    or is it a virtual team?

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    In the 'superuser' category I would nominate someone like Cider, that has to deal with thousands of users and knows the issues involved with educating them and managing how they interface with the 'product'.

    It seems this is often left out in Product Development. (Yes, I have heard you do millions of usability studies, and that is how we ended up with Bob, Clippy, and the mongrel)

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    I'd second the nominations of both Marc Orchant and WNewquay. Excellent contributors to the Tablet PC community and great thinkers.

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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