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Compaq TC1000 Fails After Installing Microsoft April 2005 Updates

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    A Compaq TC 1000 running service pack 2 failed to reboot after installing the Microsoft April 2005 security updates and accumulated Office updates.


    Symptoms:  passes BIOs tests, screen goes black, screen background goes blue, a message flashes for a tiny fraction of a second, then the machine goes into re-boot.  It will try and fail to reboot forever.  All boot-time options fail: DOS boot, safe mode boot, last working settings.


    Since I do not have a Compaq CD-ROM optical drive (but do have the base station), I cannot even think about a tablet pc re-install.

    Everything was copacetic prior to doing this upgrade.

    Any suggestions on how to trouble-shoot?

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    You can try the Recovory Console, though that requires the CD unless you already have it installed.

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    I cannot use recovery console as it is a tablet pc and I did not buy the Compaq-specific CD-ROM drive that mates with the tablet base.  Hence, no CD drive to run the CD off of.

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    Can you boot off a bootable floppy disk ?

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    I don't suppose you have access to a USB Cp-drive? (Not sure if its would work as a bootable...) Has Company been of any help? if there is (or any info on the Ms knowledge. base?)

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