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Console: Toshiba Demonstrates Cell Microprocessor

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    Nice ...

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    According to In-Stat, (, this new chip is not going to encroach in the same markets at Intel/AMD.  Which I was surprised to read.

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    For general purpose apps it's not going to be as fast because the actual CPU part of it is less sophisticated than a G5 and they hardly hold their own against AMD's latest and greatest. The eight SPUs allow the cell to do some specific tasks a lot faster though, so it depends on how you look at it. If you needed to do a heck of a lot of lighting or physics calculations, the cell processor would be a good thing to have as long as you could deal with the complexity of programming it.

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    Get over it

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    Sven Groot

    That's probably it, because no matter if they got it running on a Cell, there's two additional problems:
    1. WMP cannot decode MPEG2 without external plugins.
    2. It most certainly can't decode 48 streams at the same time and tile them like that.

    Of course, if it's just a video that makes the entire presentation worthless. Anyone can put together a video like that.

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