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    jsrfc58 wrote:
    I think the big problem with the Team99 thread (where did that name come from anyway if you are only using 20 people?) is that it got hammered with a bunch of posts from people that came out of nowhere all of sudden.  It was as if the "silent majority" spontaneously decided to speak up.  Wait, no, that isn't totally was as if a bunch of people all of a sudden "signed up", offending in some ways those who have been around here a while...I did not check everybody's profile, though, so I am guessing at this point. I know that probably was not the intent, but it more or less happened that way. 

    Read Scoble's original post, or see his blog entry here for the origins of the name "Team 99".  As always MS has a really interesting way of picking names Wink.

    You might not be talking about me specifically but I'll respond anyway.  I might have registered for C9 yesturday, but I've been watching C9 videos and reading posts at C9 since it's start.  The time you spend posting on C9 should not really influence your chances for getting into Team 99.  I run two websites with community forums, and I help a friend with a third.  You can't post in every forum on the internet at the same time Wink.