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Win a prize for writing a connected or even Managed DX app

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    Well since I am even more lazy than Tom, I just copied this straight from his blog.

    Tom Miller wrote:

    Since I'm feeling quite lazy, I'm just going to copy the basic post from the Zbuffer site..

    So you think you are a good Managed DirectX programmer eh ? Well if you have some SQL skills (or a friend who does) then you could be ready to enter the Connected Systems Developer Competition. There are 15 categories to enter and number 10 is:

    • Best use of Managed DirectX, Visual Studio 2005 and SQL Server Express

    I know it seems strange to put DirectX and SQL server together, but the competition *is* all about connected systems. Closing date is September 15th 2005 so you have plenty of time. Lots of other prizes too

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    hmm, I'll need someone who's proficiant at 3DS or Maya to help me then...

    What's the prize again?

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