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    Tyler Brown

    To begin my meddling with Avalon, I've opted to recreate a contact dialog window from a ">"> PDC 2003 slide (PowerPoint link). In order to do so, I need some png or jpg images in order to implement the tasks at the top of the window. Can anyone direct me to a resource for such images where I could contact the author and ask for permission? The closest thing I have found has been Foood's Icons, however they aren't a perfect match, and asking for custom images requires payment.

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    Those icons don't look terribly complicated, couldn't you recreate them using Xaml? Make up some vector equivalent of the MSN character and then reuse it with a vector envelope etc? I thought the idea was to use vectors all the way down, to make scaleable and resolution independent UIs. Looking at the Media mania demo from the flashforward conference the icon used for the Books button was actually a 3D book mesh with real text rendered across the pages, even though it was too small to see when running at a normal size.

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