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GG Microsoft!

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    Tom Servo

    I've installed the new Longhorn fonts onto my machine, made Calibri my UI font. Ran Outlook 2003, the folder tree and inbox listview stay on Tahoma. So I thought I'd file a suggestion via MSWish, allowing to set the fonts for these things, because I want the feature in Outlook 2006, not in version 2008, which would be the effect of filing such a suggestion during the beta. Well, whaddaya know, it's gone, I end up on a Help and Support page with no way to file that suggestion.

    Good going, MS, way to solicit suggestions. I hope that address is still active and being read.

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    Mike Dimmick

    I searched for 'mswish' on the homepage, and found this KB article. Unfortunately, all of those methods now take you to a region-appropriate 'Contact Us' page.

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    El Bruno

    Or you can post it into the MSDN Discussion Groups

    Byes from Spain

    el Bruno

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