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HAL extensions

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    Several articles on msdn library(I think pertaining to windows xp embedded/real time) mention that the HAL is the only part of windows whose source is available for modification. is this true? I can't find any information beyond that.

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    I've search high and low for information about the windows HAL, there doesn't seem to be any. At least none the I can find.

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    I expect it's available to hardware partners that need it only. I'm only aware of one desktop machine that needed a custom HAL - that was a dual Xeon NT box made by SGi which had a wacky unified memory architecture. It wasn't "100% pc compatible" and so required a special install although the benefits of the NT architecture were demonstrated by only needing the HAL to be modified.

    I guess Numa architectures like HP's Superdome also get a special HAL to account for the unusual memory design, but I would have thought HP was a big enough partner to get whatever source they wanted from Microsoft.

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