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    Greater Monster

    Union Jack wrote:
    desdemona wrote: free certificates in Microsoft ?'?
    I dont think so ...

    lol i'd have to agree on that one . Don't think Microsoft would hand ya some free certification .

    Big Smile Well, the Salesperson certificate isn't that hard to get and the only thing that actually costs Novell a bit is when you take a classroom training. It comes down to that they hand you info about what they got and tips on how to sell and to whom. It's more of a marketing/advertising-tool than training. I don't really believe that being a CLS 'gets you recognition from your peers' (as Novell tells you).
    But it would be nice (and fun - IT can be fun, can't it?) to become a Microsoft Certified Windows Salesperson (a MCW2K3S even Big Smile ) or something like that, complete with pdf's, presentations, videotraining etc. Just like it would be fun if Novell did a C9 project/site.