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    Blkbam, I feel your pain. The best way to learn .net in the classroom in by training centers right now and the classes are so rediculously expensive that there is no way I would pay to take what I needed plus not have a college degree to show for it. You also hit another problem in the head, The fact that there seems to be alot of anti-microsoft pro unix/linux/open source freeware sentiment among college professors. This is one thing that linux has done very well. It got its start on university campuses and its community reflects that. Microsoft really needs to counter act this if there going to get the rest of the world to adopt there ideas such as .net . Evangalizm needs to be a Huge priority for Microsoft just as much as Security. The idea that because of the size of Microsoft and that the business community as a whole adobts nothing but Microsoft products only helps a little towards influencing developers espeically young inexperienced ones such as my self wanting to get there foot so to say in the door. This stratagy does not cover all the bases and should not be totally relied uppon. Otherwise left uncheck will have a snow ball effect where the competition (this I am sure will be debated) starts off slow but, builds by taking the foundation out slowing from its competition which is the schools that teach aspiring programmers. As well all know people tend to do what they are taught first (also debatable I know).

    Sorry please forgive my short rant. Frustrations are just begining to kick in as I try and decide my future.