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    First I would like to say I love the site and appreciate the outreach you are providing to developers and to apsireing developers. Having some insite to Microsofts brain is very helpful and encourages me as well as it gets me excited about future technologies from Microsoft. Secondly I would ask a question that I have also posted on theSpoke as well.

    Ok Ive been looking all over and have yet to find what I am looking. Which is a Online College class on C# and .NET. It seems that not a single college, even university of phoenix, doesnt offer classes in .net or C#. I am looking to go back to college and I want to take classes in technology but, I want to take programming classes in a Language I already know and enjoy, C#. Does anyone know of a place I could do this? Thank you very much for replys ahead of time. -St23aM

    If someone could help me with this it would be great. Otherwise I am going to start looking into alterative education. I am planning on attending a 7day boot camp for my MCAD. However, I dont feel confident that I have reached a high enough level of understanding to just jump right into that as of yet. I would like to take some classes in C# before attend the camp. If I cannot find college classes on C# I will probably just purchase some interactive CD-Roms or Training Videos. So if anyone has any recommendations in that area please let me know as well