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    Yea, I understand the java thing because that was actually my first attempt at a language. I dont remember alot of it but, the syntax is so similar to C#. The college I am looking at right now only really teaches cobol, C++, and VB6 they also offer a course on Java I belive. My hope is that perhaps if it comes to it I can go there and just talk my instructer into letting me write projects in C# or so that I get familar w/ the .net framework. The whole reason fo rme taking the boot camp is basically my job may be changing and getting a MCAD would go along way towards helping me find another job. The problem is I dont have much programming job experience and I am not sure how else to go about getting some. I am a PC Technician at the moment and I do coding on my own free time. I learn best in a classroom enviroment so im just kind of feeling held back because of the fact that I cant find any classes on .net and c#. Hopefully microsoft can evangalize to the academic community a little more and encourage colleges to teach .net