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    I don't want to sound old school or anything, but the fact that certain Universities teach in C#, Java or C++ means little to me.  To me University was about learning new concepts -- and those concepts were best taught not in any specific language, but using math which is the basis for all computer science. 

    When I was in school I grumbled how much I hated in math courses, but now that I am out (and have been out for some time) I realise that it was the fundamentals that were important, not the language.  The conepts should be taught in the abstract so they can be applied appropriately in the future no matter what the flavour of the day is.

    In school you should be exposed to as many languages as possible.  As a matter of fact, I remember many of my most important CS courses, the language you chose to implement the algorithms was completely up to the student.  To me this makes sense. 

    Langugages come and go, but the fundamentals stay the same.

    Jason Judge