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    Well What I have to say may not be all that helpfull towards the MCAD (I keep meaning to prepare for that myself but I never have the time, which is a poor excuse I know) but take the classes even if they are offered in Java. I don't mean to start any arguments but C# and Java are close enough that should feel comfortable reading the code in the beginning. There will be major differences but you'll have a leg up and it never hurts to be exposed to a different language. You'll learn some interesting things through it, I can guarentee that.

    My college taught in Java and it wasn't difficult at the time. I got my job and joined a VB.Net shop and was able to apply most every thing right away. I had to learn where things were in the framework much as you'll have to learn where things are in the Java API's but the C# experience will be a big help.

    Like I said it may not help you for the MCAD but it will help you out in the long run.

    Thanks for listening to my 2 cents,