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    The following is based soley on my own personal experience and will definitely include stereotypes that may or may not offend. If you take offense I apologize it's not my intent to antagonize anyone but you know the saying "opinions are like [thumbs] everyone has one".

    In four years of university ( decent Comp Sci program, the graduate is top 25 i think) I used one Microsoft  programming tool (Visual C) in one class (graphics using openGL in C). Every other class I took involved Java, C, ML, Prolog, Pascal. All running on unix environments.

    I had one class ask questions regarding keyboard shortcuts in EMacs. This was from a prof who (supposedly) learned C by reading Unix source code when he was in college.

    The university crowd (who are there primarily to do research) like playing with their little obscure languages that are very good at what they are designed for. Most do not want to teach and would not if the school did not mandate it. They definitely do not want to learn a new language unless it can help them with their research. Since VB is a psudeo-language mainly for business applications I highly doubt the universities would bother to seriously teach in it to get Comp Sci theory across. C# maybe they'll come around to teaching it but Java and C# a very silimlair so why have to go change every thing just so they can have a new language?

    As for the students at these schools, majority are anti-MS pro-Linux/Unix zealots. Every single school buddy I hung with had a linux box at home by the end of school (I flirted with it as well but I'm so lazy it was just a big pain in the neck). Why would they ever care about learning an MS designed language when (insert language here) does it better?

    I think it'll be a long time (if ever) before you see C# as the primary language that colleges teach in. It may not even be the best thing. I certainly appreciate the exposure I've had to some of the other languages and I feel that I can look at non VB/C# code and not be immediately lost

    Again thanks for listening to my 2 cents,

    If you're offended by this, think of me as a lazy hack. It'll make you feel better. If you're not offended by this you can still think of me as a lazy hack and I hope it makes you feel better. I think I'm a lazy hack and I feel better already.