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Why not go to PDC?

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    With a relatively small pecentage of Niners actually going to PDC, it may be worth asking why.  What would it take to get most of us there?

    I could guess at plenty of reasons why y'all may not go (time, distance, money).  Perhaps some like of us (no names) may not be interested in going.

    Here's why I'm not going:
    1)  I can always rearrange my flexible work schedule.  I have plenty of time.
    2)  I live in LA.
    3)  I doubt my boss will want to send me, and I'm saving up my Benjamins so I can get married.  Let's see... PDC or wedding?  Yeah I think I want to get married.

    Anyhow, I'm not complaining.  I expect to be able to monitor the activity pretty well from this comfortable desk.

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    I have no money and it's to distant (trip is to expensive). Otherwise I would go.

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    I'm not going because:

    a) Too far away
    b) Too expensive
    c) I'm not really a "Professional Developer"..... yet
    d) I've got exams anyway

    Is it justiifed now? Wink

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    Larsenal wrote:

    PDC or wedding?  Yeah I think I want to get married.

    Thats commitment to the technology Smiley

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