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WinUpdate v6 and Pirates

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    You would have thought Microsoft was an enemy to pirates, not a friend. Especially with something as big as Windows Update. Well think again pirates, thought that Microsoft stops you with their "Genuine Windows Experience"? Well think not.

    Microsoft is stupid enough to use "success=true" as a way to determine whether or not you have a genuine Windows OS. But I use this URL to access WinUpdate 6 not because I'm a pirate, but so I don't have to turn my laptop(s) upside down just to write a GUID down and most likely get it wrong and have to do it again.

    Maybe Microsoft should actually check whether I'm a pirate or not before I'm allowed the ActiveX control.

    On second thought don't have ActiveX in IE at all. Has Scoble would say "Heh".

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    I think illegally distributed copies of windows should be entitled to download the critical and security updates to reduce the number of "botnets" we're seeing.

    But it should show a warning or something: "We have detected you are running an un/underlicensed Windows installation, you can only download critical and security updates... not for your sake, but because we don't want to be affected by any malware running on your box"

    Perhaps these critical updates "for unlicensed installations" should incurr a slight performance hit as a little "incentive"?

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    Who said that was how they validated the OS. The only way you can confirm that is by trying it on a pirated copy.

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    I hardly see much reason to go to WU in the first place as the automatic updates and the driver updates internet search checkbox helps getting the important updates in less effort. Many of the updates offered on WU also ask you to update when they get old so you don't have to go there to get latest WMP for example.

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    Sven Groot

    While pirates will be blocked from using the v6 Windows Update and Microsoft Update sites, they will be allowed to use Automatic Updates and thus they can still get the critical updates for Windows.

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    Thanks for the free beta link, works great. Smiley

    PS - I'm running legal OEM XP.

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    Manip wrote:
    Thanks for the free beta link, works great.

    PS - I'm running legal OEM XP.

    It's not really beta. is already used for Windows Server 2003

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