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Bad Microsoft Support Experiences?

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    Anyone else notice lately a worsening of Microsoft's Support? I remember when I had issues with SP2, and submitted a problem, I got an auotmated email saying they understood the problem, I'd get a personalized email back within 24 hours, and they worked with me. First class service, which I *didn't* expect. I also had similar experiences with the Bluetooth keyboard connection failing. First class all the way, which I wouldn't expect from such a big company.

    But I put in a service request for a failed security update (perpetually). I got an initial response, but nothing after an initial "first try". I opened a new support case after a few days, they marked it a duplicate and gave me another set of instructions (which failed, too.). I since gave up (after having to do a System restore..Sad )

    Back to square one and not too happy. Anyone else noticing this?

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    About 7 months ago I filed a support issue over VisualStudio... they forwarded me to this french tech guy with broken english. There was a number of communication difficulties.

    They have a UK-Based support site, why wasn't I sent there?

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    Stitch 2.0

    W3bbo wrote:
    [...] they forwarded me to this french tech guy with broken english. There was a number of communication difficulties.

    They have a UK-Based support site, why wasn't I sent there?

    I've experienced this aswell. When SPS 2003 came out, I filed a support case concerning the installation and got forwarded to some french guy with broken english. A couple of months later, I filed a second case (concerning the DB's) and specifically for someone with good knowledge of the english language, but again I got someone who I could barely understand. We figurred it out after all, but next time, I'll ask to speak to the manager and be forwarded to someone who actually is able to speak english in a *normal* way.

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    Mike Dimmick

    One good, one bad. When we had a problem with the WebClass Runtime, I investigated, found numerous KB articles explaining similar issues, we contacted PSS with a phone call and were issued a fix later in the day.

    When we had a problem with Windows Server 2003 Telephony service - that the WS03 service did not allow downlevel clients to connect at all - I again found a KB article, and this time we used an online support incident. This was about the same time that the MS04-011 patch came out, and we got stuck in a queue being redirected all around the world, because of the problems people were having with that patch. I forget exactly where it ended up - I believe China was mentioned. After four working days with no activity, I cheated - I asked someone I know in Exchange PSS how I could get hold of a human, and she chased it up for me. I got the XP hotfix (MS decided to patch the client, not the server) unofficially the same day, but the case wasn't closed. I got an official response nine working days later, when I was sent the Windows 2000 hotfix; I'd already explained that all workstations were running XP. At that point we closed the case - I'm not sure if we got our refund.

    When you call MS, unless you have a premium support contract, you don't actually get to talk to an MS employee initially. The first tier of support is contracted out - currently, I believe, to HP (at least for Exchange). On the other hand my understanding is that MS doesn't have particularly high-level people in most of their European support centres, so a number of more qualified people actually work at MS UK. My contact currently works with at least two people of Dutch nationality, for example.

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    I've had a mixed support experience here in the UK.

    In both my current and previous jobs, I've had access to support through my company's Partner status.

    Dealing with the 'managed newsgroups' my experience has been generally very good - although on a few occasions the person I was dealing with didn't seem to have a full grasp of the English language!

    Registering support calls on the phone has gotten me a mixed response.  Some calls have gone very well, some have gone extremely badly.  Business Critical Calls have been dealt with very well however.

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    Nothing but good support from Microsoft but then again we have an Enterprise Agreement so that may be why.

    I've also demonstrated to our organization, building upgrade PCs under an Enterprise Agreement costs less than buying new OS and Office every five years from Dell.  So we get new OS and Office as soon as they're released, as well as SQL and Server OS.

    So many people immediately assume we spend more on our EA.  That is not the case.  We are responsible for the performance of the whole machine.  It takes quite a bit of confidence to say "I can fix anything on this machine." and loose the ability to blame a hardware provider for something you can't fix but when you get good support from Microsoft and know what you're doing with the hardware....

    ... skys the limit.

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