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Whidbey beta2 registration benefit - is this a joke?

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    - test, does this work?

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    After downloading, installing and registering my copies of Visual C# and C++ Express two days after the release I have gotten a e-mail about the registration benefits.
    In this e-mail a access code and a link are provided, after visiting the website, entering the access code I saw this:

    Your Access Code has been accepted and you now have access to the offer listed below.

    Expiration Date
    Microsoft Visual Studio Beta 2 Registration Benefit (Offer 2) Expires

    now, is this a joke?
    Today is the 5th of May, exactly one day after the expiration?

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    Notice the year.

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    oh, yeah, sorry for the disturbance and inconvenience i may have created

    well, i made a stupid fool of myself ...

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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    Jeremy W

    S'aright, I probably would have done the same thing Wink

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