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64-bit Static Code Analysis in Visual Studio 11

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    I'm disappointed that Code Analysis (native code) is still disabled in Visual Studio 11 Beta for 64-bit compiles especially after Jason Yue Yang and Vince Smith both stated (in the Discussion Comments for the video that code analysis for 64-bit is among Microsoft's top priorities.  I'd like to hear someone from Microsoft comment on if this feature has been shelved for the release.

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    More details: When compiling a project set to Platform Toolset v100 (I dont have time to port it to v110 now) and x64, I get the standard warning "ignoring option '/analyze'; Code Analysis warnings are not available in this edition of the compiler".  In a test project, with vs110 and x64, that warning is no longer displayed.  However, when I "Run Code Analysis on Solution", I get 0 results in Code Analysis window.  Same is true for a 32-bit compile too - no results.  This is with compile settings /analyze and /sdl with Microsoft Native Recommended Rules.  I even tried adding code like char* x = NULL; char y = *x; but I get no CA results even for 32-bit compiles.

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    Hi. Native Code Analysis does indeed support 64bit in Beta.  We are investigating your issue.  If possible, please file a bug at





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    Hello Buttkicker,

    64-bit support for code analysis has been added to VS11 beta. You do have to use toolset v110 in order to get this support. Regarding the issue you ran into that code analysis doesn't report any results on both 32-bit and 64-bit, I can't tell what the exact problem is from the description you provided. The code you mentioned should invoke code analysis results. Do you mind sharing with us your test project so we can investigate? You can send it to my mailbox ronglu at


    Thanks and Best regards,

    Rong Lu

    Program Manager

    Visual Studio team

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