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SQL Server 2005: Helping DBAs to love and trust managed code as we do

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    Kevin Daly

    I think it's fair to say that all .NET developers who ever go near a SQL Server database are excited by the prospect of the CLR being hosted by SQL Server and all that that entails (if only because it's cool), other than those who are too snooty to be excited by anything of course (Who will be in full "pooh-poohing" mode).
    The problem I see is that it's going to be a big sell to DBAs, and if the case is not convincingly made then we are going to find all that lovely functionality locked off and unavailable.

    So as part of their evangelism efforts are Microsoft planning to educate the database administrator community on managed code and possibly offer targeted language training for them, so they don't feel they risk losing control to code written in programming languages that they don't understand? (I think some good coverage of Code Access Security as it applies to SQL Server 2005 would help a lot too.)

    (I've blogged about this with possibly slightly more coherence and certainly at much greater length here. But I'm tired now)

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    The short answer is yes, the long answer is watch this space as we move closer to SQL Server 2005 RTM.


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