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View Thread: New CodeRoom Episode Released
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    figuerres wrote:
    Rory wrote: If any of you watch the show and would like to comment on it, then I'd love to hear from you.

    I put up some forums today so that you could all complain/praise/preach to your heart's content Smiley

    Hey there!!

    Ok I'll be there shortly.

    but first comment:  that link on serverside has no way to save the video, no way to watch it in a seperate media player window.

    so I can't size it or move it which SUX.

    give us a real link to view the darn show!!

    I second figuerres! I've been trying to watch it all day and its jumping all over the place, I can't find it on the other two links either......

    Talking about C550 (Orange UK Name) I have a image on my blog, it's meant to be out over here this month, does any one know if it will have Windows Mobile 2005? If not will it ship with WMP10?