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View Thread: What Keyboards do you use ?
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    I don't have a problem switching between the natural and classic, I have used both for years and my typing speed is about the same on both. However I do touch type so maybe that is why, and I learnt on a classic (like learning on a manual car and moving up to automatic, you never forget manual).

    I just have to know, how often do you use the insert key? I know I have had to use it only a couple of times and in both cases it had nothing to do with coding. There is one on the keyboard but it is hidden under the PrintScreen key as an alternative with F-Lock.

    I find a big large delete key a lot more helpful, but I guess that just shows how I use my computer. Wink

    W3bbo: If you use your left have to touch H or your right hand to tough G in a game then you need to learn to touch-type correctly, longterm it will do you go.